A willing band of volunteers cares for the animals at SESAW, come rain or shine.   Essential tasks such as feeding, cleaning and dog walking must  be carried out every day.   If you want to look after the animals and have a few hours to spare each week, please phone or email your contact details.

Sometimes caring and knowledgeable foster homes are needed until a permanent home is found.   If necessary, veterinary care is provided by SESAW.   If you feel able to offer a foster home, please contact us.

Hours of work go into table top sales, fetes, carol singing, open days and many other fund raising events held throughout the year.   Alternatively, you may want to stage your own money making scheme for SESAW.   People organise all sorts of events, e.g. jumbles, abseiling, a pub quiz, sponsored walks and haircuts. Please call 07881 785535 if you have a good idea or would like to help in any way.   We need supporters too – see News and Events for forthcoming events.

Good quality saleable items such as clothing, furnishings, bric a brac, jewellery, books, CDs and DVDs always needed. We cannot accept anything that is damaged, soiled or incomplete goods.  If you have something special you could offer for our online auctions, or to contact us about any donated goods, please phone 07881 785535 or email us via this link.

Adding one or two tins of cat or dog food to your shopping basket is an easy way of helping the SESAW animals.   Our collection bins can be found in the Sudbury branches of Roys, Focus and the Suffolk Free Press office in Borehamgate, Pets At Home in Sudbury, Colchester and Ipswich, and Armore and Swaynes of Long Melford.   Hadleigh shoppers can leave their donations in our bins at the High Street Co-Op and Morrisons in Calais Street.  Visitors to the Sanctuary can leave food in the collection bin at the gate.

We are also glad to receive sheets, blankets, towels, coats and fabrics which can be used as bedding.

We use large quantities of newspaper and carrier bags when cleaning out the runs and the dog walkers always go out armed with poo bags!

The perfect gift for your animal loving friends and family!   We have more animals than Old MacDonald’s nursery rhyme, all waiting to be sponsored.   Go to our Sponsorship page for further details.

Good old-fashioned money is the most basic way you can help.   A donation can be made in person at the sanctuary or by post.   Unlike so many places, we still welcome cash and cheques!   Alternatively, click on the “donate at JustGiving” button at the top of the page to donate on line.