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Maisie came to us just before Christmas 2015, after enduring seven years of pain due to a birth defect.

maisie1She was taken immediately to our vets as it was evident she was in great discomfort. All of her legs had been affected by her abnormality, making it extremely difficult for her to walk. She certainly couldn’t run, which for a Springer is horrendous.  Our amazing vet Simon diagnosed the problem immediately and operated to rectify it on 22nd December. Although Maisie faced about six weeks ‘bed rest’ she did not miss out on her Christmas dinner, being hand fed in ‘bed’ (a crate).

Maisie is an amazing dog, remaining calm as we change her dressings, facing trips to the vets and repaying us all by a friendly lick. She already manages so much better on her legs, if you could say a dog was smiling, that’s Maisie.

Please donate whatever you can manage to Maisie’s cause.  It is such generosity that enables us to continue helping and homing animals such as Maisie – and we are extremely grateful.