Ollie’s September News

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Like many households, we have completed lots of maintenance jobs during the lockdown and social distancing. Being a rather particular cat, I have stayed away during this time. Appearances matter and a gentleman such as myself does not wish to soil his sleek black fur with specks of dirt and sawdust – unlike Little Lord Fauntleroy. The precocious chihuahua trots around, inspecting the works then trails cobwebs, dust and mud indoors. Mind you, even he succumbed to the intense heat last month. Someone found Kenneth sound asleep on a blanket, hugging Jayne’s knitted Rainbow of Hope!

The end result of this activity is smart, new pens for the cats, five star accommodation for the rabbits and completely refurbished living quarters for the chickens. Double entry systems for safety, heated bedrooms and en-suite facilities for comfort. Throughout the pandemic we have been fully operational and remain ready to accept any animal, especially when the numbers increase as people return to work.

Meanwhile villagers set up garden stalls in August as part of the Leavenheath Sale Trail. Several SESAW supporters seized the opportunity to raise funds and were please to meet lots of friends who usually attend our Fairs throughout the year. Although we cannot accept donated goods, we are grateful for the food left in the collection bin at our gate. Everyone at SESAW looks forward to the day we can all meet again at which point, I will make myself scarce. There is a limit to how much fuss and socialising can be tolerated by a feline like me, Ollie (the Black) Cat!