Ollie’s October News

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Ollie at home

Credit where it’s due, that bumptious Chihuahua has acknowledged that, as a fine example of the species, I should present our October news because the 27th is National Black Cat Day. Another annual celebration is Hedgehog Awareness Week in May but they need our help all the time, particularly during Guy Fawkes preparations. Please check for the little chaps under the bonfire BEFORE you set light to it.

This has been a bad year for fly strike with hedgehogs suffering horribly. Should you come across a hedgehog, particularly in daylight hours, please take it to a hedgehog rescue or bring it to SESAW immediately. Advance apologies to those with a sensitive stomach but many arrivals have been unfurled to reveal maggots eating them alive. Our prickly friends are now classified as vulnerable on the Mammal Society’s Red List.

If “The Truth is Out There” stirs your imagination, an Autumn Charity Talk about UFO’s by author Neil Nixon should interest you. The event takes place at Plough Corner Community Centre, Harwich Road, Little Clacton, CO16 9ND, 7.30pm on Saturday 16th October. If it’s a long way from you, perhaps you could combine it with a trip to the seaside? Tickets £6 (concessions £2.50) from Susan Vousden on 01255 813511.

Whilst on the subject of the unexplained, please keep your black cats safe and your dogs calm as we approach Halloween and the firework season. Which reminds me, it’s time to evade Mother’s efforts to snare me indoors at nightfall so that’s all from me, Ollie (the Black) Cat.

Suffolk & Essex Small Animal Welfare, Reg.Charity No.1124029. Stoke Road, Leavenheath, CO6 4PP. 01787 210888 www.sesaw.co.uk

P.S. Kenny would like to add a big thank you from everyone at SESAW to John of Eco-nomic Insulation Ltd in Long Melford. His kind donation of insulation boards will keep the animals snug and warm in the kennels and the upgraded rabbit shed this winter.

Whilst the cheeky Chihuahua is muscling in on Ollie’s News, here is a reminder about Ruby and Renne, a delightful pair of elderly Border Collies. Sadly they were made homeless when their owner died. They are fit and well, eleven and ten year olds that adore their walks and being with you. If you are the special person with the loving home they deserve, please leave your name and number on the answerphone or email.

Cuddle time with Ruby and Renee!