Ollie’s November Blog

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That silly chihuahua gave me the best laugh I’ve had in ages! He was boasting about ‘writing’ Kenny’s SESAW News since 2012. That’s a decade to you and me – but he never admits to being more than eight years old!

He can’t even get up on time since the clocks went back so here’s my cat’s eye view of this month’s news, starting with a reminder about our Christmas Fair. Our volunteers have worked hard to arrange our first festive event since 2019. Lots of gifts, crafts and bargains plus Jeanette’s Terrific Tombola and refreshments served all day. Open 10am to 3pm on Sunday 20th at the Old School, Long Melford, CO10 9DX.

Mother cared for a variety of wildlife casualties this summer, most have been returned to the wild including a bumper crop of hedgehogs. Whilst waiting to attain the correct weight before being ‘soft’ released they decided to increase their numbers! This delayed their departure until the babies were also large enough to leave home. Despite their spiky exterior, hedgehogs are endangered but humans can help by supplying drinking water and cat or dog food to eat, never bread and milk. They need gaps under fences to move between gardens and a pile of leaves and twigs to hide under – make sure you check for ‘Spike’ before you build a bonfire. You can read more about hedgehogs by reading Karen’s advice in previous post.

Although the evenings are drawing in and it’s too cold to stay out, I always grumble when Mother scoops me up to go indoors each night, after all, I am a descendant of Kipling’s Cat That Walked By Himself. Anyone who thinks I’m a pushover doesn’t know me, Ollie (the Black) Cat!

Ollie in the autumn sunshine