Ollie’s June News

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There goes Kenneth, the smallest dog at SESAW, strutting around the garden like the big boss. He is oblivious to me, quietly sunning myself whilst engaged in a little bird watching. Of course I have no chance of catching the blue tits as they dart in and out of an old nesting box. Those conscientious parents enter with fat grubs and exit with their babies’ white droppings. I’m glad I’m a cat!

A robin accompanies Tanya as she loads the wheelbarrow with the dogs’ evening meals. He helps himself to the dinners, flying back and forth to his family. Blackbirds forage about the garden for food, probably descendants of those nursed back to health by Mother. Avian Flu restrictions were lifted at the beginning of May, just in time for our geese. The female is sitting on a clutch of eggs and woe betide anyone who gets too close!

Turning to the animals awaiting rehoming, this is an appeal for Polly, a devoted mother cat and her one remaining kitten. She was found in a poly tunnel with five offspring, all but one now rehomed. Why? Because, like me, they are black and so they are overlooked. If you are the person who can offer them a loving home, please leave a phone message or email straight away.

It’s nearly dark and time for a snack before I go patrolling the grounds. One of my ex-SESAW pals who now lives outside Hadleigh says he is tantalised by Nightingales singing at night. He will have to resign himself to dinner in the kitchen, just like me, Ollie (the Black) Cat.

Suffolk & Essex Small Animal Welfare, Stoke Road, Leavenheath, CO6 4PP. Reg.Charity No.1124029, Tel: 01787 210888, email: info@sesaw.co.uk www.sesaw.co.uk


Watch out for Oak Processionary Moth Caterpillars which can make people and pets extremely unwell. One of our volunteers had to seek emergency aid for her sick cat recently after it spent time in the garden. The Vet suspected the illness was caused by the nasty insect when the worried owner recalled there was a caterpillar where puss was sitting earlier in the day. Apart from losing one of her nine lives, the cat is fully recovered, her relieved owner has gained a few grey hairs!