Ollie’s February News

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Hello everyone, Ollie (the Black) here. While Kenneth’s face was buried in a cup of tea, I slipped into the office to lift the lid on life at SESAW.  
“The Boss” certainly lived up to his name after one of his public appearances last year.   Peace reigned until the kitchen door burst open and in struts Himself, full of verbal abuse for every dog in the room.   Even Buttons was sent reeling off the chair as the Prima Donna made a beeline for the best bed.  
The little chap needs to get over himself but I’m glad he enjoys meeting and greeting.   It wouldn’t suit a smart black cat like me, or a feline family rescued by one of our Volunteers recently.   The adults and kittens were relieved to be safe and warm after living rough at Tesco’s garage in Sudbury.   Now, like many cats at SESAW, they await a new home with people who will love them regardless of their colour.  
We have lots of dogs too but now it’s time for me to slip away before Kenneth realises his place has been taken by me, Ollie (the Black) Cat.