Ollie’s February News

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Thank you to the many supporters who sent gifts and money for the animals over Christmas, too many to mention but you know who you are.   We also met lots of lovely people and their dogs during the Santa Paws appeal at Pets at Home in Colchester.   One such visitor was Winston, a staffie, with a special set of wheels adapted to get him around since losing the use of his back legs.  His owners realised there were many others in the same predicament and started a fundraising group for Winstons’ Wheels.   You can read more about this by visiting the Winston Daisy Mae Wettner Facebook page.

The other morning I was very surprised when Mother went out on a rescue and returned looking as black as Ollie the cat!   Apparently she had to dislodge a tawny owl from a very sooty chimney, after which they both needed a bath.   One of our volunteers was later left red faced after commenting upon the delightful soft tones of the rescued owl.   She was most embarrassed when told the owl was elsewhere and the cooing was a recovering collared dove!

We are now open again so do visit us if you are looking for furry friend to complete your family.   Although you can see some of our animals on the website there may new arrivals and it’s always good to have a chat in person.   You may even be lucky enough to see me, Ollie (the Black) Cat!