Ollie’s August News

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Where does that dog get his airs and graces?   Kenny asked me to write this month’s news because he is “indisposed” with a bad leg.   Anyone would think he had run the Nayland10K!   Over 900 people did take part and we send them and the organisers a a great big THANK YOU.   By mid July over £1600 was raised for SESAW via JustGiving to help care for the many animals at the Sanctuary.

We have more people to thank, starting with the employees from Colchester based Informa who helped prepare for our July Open Day.   As you can see in the photo, they were still smiling after a hard day’s work.   Another willing group that helped us get ready was the cheery gang from Colchester Pets at Home.   Unfortunately, that was almost the hottest day of the year and everyone was too exhausted to take a photo before they left.   Nevertheless, they were also still smiling.   We welcome volunteers throughout the year, to help care for the animals or fundraise.   If you would like to join our fantastic team please leave a message on the answerphone.   Everyone has something to offer, no special skills required – except a sense of humour!

Finally, thanks also to Phil Goodyer for inviting us to the enjoyable 1940’s Vintage Day in Sudbury.   Over £100 on the SESAW book stall and lots of people stopped to say hello including our volunteer Brenda with her ex SESAW dog.  

The hedgehogs that Mother nursed through the winter have been safely released.   Dubbed the Gardener’s friend, they eat lots of pesky bugs but many die crossing the road in their search for food.   Providing cat or dog food (WITHOUT fish) or dry hedgehog food from pet shops plus water each day may encourage them to stay put.   Cover ponds or create a means of escape from the water, check bonfires before lighting and avoid using slug pellets,

It’s dinner time so I’m off to the kitchen to see if Kenny has found his feet.   He needs to get better soon to write next month’s news instead of me, Ollie (the Black) Cat.  

Volunteers from Informa after a hard day’s work
Regular volunteer Brenda with ex Sesaw dog Tye.