Ollie’s August News

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Hello, Ollie here to give you a cat’s eye view of SESAW. I have been under house arrest, recovering from an injury and Ken is delighted I’m allowed out again. He’s fed up with competing for the best chair in the kitchen!

Our volunteers enjoyed helping to register the runners at the Nayland 10K in July. SESAW is one of the local charities to benefit from this excellent event which takes place in our beautiful Constable countryside. Well done, Luke, for organising it each year.

Please watch out for nesting hedgehogs when working in the garden. Don’t disturb them but it you see babies or older hogs in daylight do not leave them to get fly strike. If it seems the parent is not caring for the hoglets, bring them to us or your nearest hedgehog rescue. Mother already has several casualties which will be returned to their original site when healthy again.

Rabbit expert, Karen

Apart from many cats and dogs, we still have an abundance of rabbits looking for homes. Our rabbit expert, Karen, would be pleased to assist potential owners to choose the right rabbit for their family or help bond a new partner for their existing rabbit. Karen is usually available on Tuesdays and Saturdays but please phone ahead to confirm.

That’s enough from me, I’m off to find the most comfortable cushion for a cat nap. That pesky chihuahua doesn’t realise it’s the right of every cat, including me Ollie (the Black) Cat.