Kenny’s September News

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“Oh no, it’s that time of the year again” Mum groaned as she cleared another swarm of flying ants off the table. Presumably these annoying insects have their place in Nature, preferably not in the kitchen!

All living creatures are welcome at SESAW, whatever their traits. We see a variety of personalities, particularly in dogs, from quiet couch potatoes to adventurous daredevils. Most settle in new loving homes, occasionally one bounces back and becomes a permanent resident.

Such was Bobby, a delightful, mischievous terrier, completely unfazed by deafness.

Unfortunately, he hated being alone and came back to us after causing much damage in the short time his new owner was out.

He was an exceptional character and seemed to be Houdini in canine form. If someone exclaimed “How did he get out?” you knew Bobby was up to his old tricks again. The fences were all made higher after a bemused householder in the next village phoned about a strange dog waiting for dinner in her kitchen!

At the age of seventeen years, Bobby has made his last great escape and our lives are the poorer for it.

His memory spurs us on to keep finding ‘forever’ homes for our present day rescued animals.

I’m off to find Mum who needs some extra love and attention from a little dog like me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua.