Kenny’s Rummage Sale Surprise!

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Excuse me but I DID hear a cuckoo this afternoon!

Mum said I imagined it – until she saw the clock we are selling at our Rummage Sale.

A bright yellow and green bird pops out on the hour, just to tease Ollie (the Black) Cat who cannot catch it!

It’s priced at £40 but a little bird tells me they may take an offer!

It IS a cuckoo!

Now the heatwave is over, who wants to buy our big BBQ? My human friend, Peter, made especially for us but it is redundant and languishing in the shed since our lovely Open Days are over. We even have plastic garden chairs and tables at £1 each to go with it!

So that’s what the computer looks like inside! We’ve got lots of electronic bits and pieces. It looks a right mess to me but if you’re clever enough to use them, come to our Rummage Sale at the weekend.

Please can someone buy this Indian Rosewood CD cabinet before Ollie decides to sharpen his claws on it? Apparently it’s also known as Sheesham wood and sells for over £100 in the shops- but you can have it for a bargain price!

How about saving electric with this hand sewing machine? Needs a bit of TLC to get it running smoothly.

Perhaps you prefer a bit of hoe hoe hoeing in the garden with this wheely powerful garden tool?

We’ve got lots more but I don’t think you can stand any more puns from me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua!