Kenny’s October News

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"Hi" from Kenny!

“Hi” from Kenny!

Hey ho Folks, some of these Autumn mornings have a nip in them – really encourages a chap to take an extra five minutes, except Mum’s foot is still behind me, pushing me out of the door.   Mind you I had the last laugh yesterday, it took her two hours to find her spectacles in front of the Rayburn!

Now it is time to prepare the garden for winter, remember to check the bonfire for hedgehogs before you light it.   They will be looking for a good place to sleep and they are becoming very scarce so please keep these creatures safe.   If you are looking forward to celebrating Guy Fawkes night, how about taking the family along to an organised display?   You will enjoy a good show for less expense or worry whilst helping to cut down the number of pops and bangs that terrify many wild and domestic animals.

It’s lovely when another animal leaves us for a new home but sad that some are left “on the shelf”.   Feline pals, Ace (black) and Bella (tabby), are a friendly, loving pair that have been overlooked for seven months.   They spring to the door when people appear, eager to start a new life.   I really hope someone comes for them soon and for Tabby and white mother and daughter, Sally and Socks who have waited even longer.

Thanks to those who attended our sales and events last month, over £500 was raised and we have received lots of lovely cat and dog food in our various collection bins in shops and offices.   Still to come is our big sale at The Old School, Long Melford on 12th October and our Christmas Fair at Leavenheath Village Hall on 23rd November..   I can’t wait to run off with the decorations when the girls start sorting them.   You can be sure when things go missing, they’ve been pinched by me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua!

HedgehogsP.S. I’ve just heard that Bella and Ace have at last found someone to take them home – good luck girls!