Kenny’s October News

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What a strange summer it’s been. Lots of good weather but no Open Day, no sales and no visitors except by appointment. I do sympathise with the many humans who are staying at home. I miss meeting my public but Mum says I’m lucky because I’m not alone like so many people.

Although few dogs have come in there have been many cats, kittens, rabbits and wildlife. Two Jackdaws, a collared dove and several pigeons have recovered and flow away but an owl is still being nursed back to health.

An exhausted young kestrel took refuge in a volunteers’ garden. After recuperating at SESAW, Jayne had the satisfaction of taking it back home to successfully release it in it’s own territory. Sad to report James, our handsome cockerel, has died due to old and illness but James II has ascended the throne!

Thank you to the organisers of the MEBCC Plough Day for inviting SESAW to the event last month. We sold lots of vintage items and many supporters and their dogs stopped for a socially distanced chat.

A few of our intrepid volunteers have booked pitches at a Festive Fair in November, COVID restrictions permitting. Please let us know if you have anything suitable for Jeanette’s popular Tombola and Sheila’s ‘classy’ stall. Contributions can be left at SESAW or phone 07881 785535 to arrange collection. Vintage and collectable items are also welcome for future events.

We still cannot accept bric a brac and general household items but we can take clean, undamaged clothing for recycling. Please leave in CLEAR plastic bags only to ensure contents are visible. Regretfully, soiled clothes and bedding have been found hidden in black plastic sacks in the past.

Your continued support is really appreciated via JustGiving, the post, collection pots and occasional mystery donors. During one of my security patrols one wet evening in August, I noticed something left outside. With much effort I dragged it indoors and we discovered a kind person had left their “Rainy Day Fund” for SESAW. Thank you for every precious penny of the £8.40 which will help care for the animals, including me Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua.

Released kestrel