Kenny’s November News

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Talk about have your cake and eat it!   You should have seen the yummy selection at our sales in September and October, all baked and donated by talented supporters. I was only allowed a tiny taste due to my dicky tummy but I did get my usual cup of tea! Thank you to everyone who helped or visited us at Great Bentley and Hintlesham.   We were made most welcome by the locals at both events which raised over £4000 for the animals. Our last event of 2018 is our Christmas Fair at the Old School, Long Melford, CO10 9DX. Lots of goodies on offer plus a raffle and tombola. Doors open 10am, Sunday 18th November, get there early before they sell out!

Back at the Sanctuary, last year’s rescued blackbirds have reared their own broods and the kestrel is happily flying free above the garden, most frustrating for poor old Ollie (the Black)Cat! Mum and the volunteers have been kept busy with a doggy family after cross breed terrier sisters, Hinge and Bracket arrived. Hinge promptly produced with four tiny pups which are now happily rehomed, leaving Mum and Auntie, the inseparable sisters. They are around two years old with lovely personalities, unlike poor old Jack, the Westie cross, who needs an understanding home. He is a bit of a grump but deserves a chance to be happy and loved.

Ollie says please keep your pets safe during Hallowen and Bonfire night.   As a black cat, he is particularly wary of the spooky season and we animals all dread the fireworks around 5th November.   That is a time when all pets should be safely tucked up indoors, including Ollie (the Black) Cat and me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua.   We are usually open 10-1pm Thurs-Sunday if we have sufficient staff – volunteers always needed, so please contact us if you think you can help!