Kenny’s November News

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Kenny’s November News:

Take cover my fellow animal friends, it’s firework season! Why not ask your Humans to visit an organised display instead of letting off a few bangs in the back garden. Remind them also that although you may dread seeing the vet, he is your best friend at this stressful time of the year.

Whilst on dark thoughts, Ollie is most concerned about Orvill and Wellington, two delightful five month old kittens, dumped in Ipswich when they were about twelve weeks old. Guess why? Rejected again because they are black. Have you room in your heart and house for these siblings that so many consider the wrong colour? (Since writing this they have found their new home!)

Last month, lots of nice people helped to raise £150 when they visited our Book Sale. Another £40 was raised at the Colne Valley at War day in Castle Hedingham and £105 at an in-store collection, courtesy of Pets at Home in Sudbury. Thank you to all who attended these events, the proceeds will go towards the heating costs this winter. Mum says if you visit us, be careful while we are burying some of the electric cables that feed the outside animals’ bedrooms. That should stop Mum’s 2am nocturnal forays, into the cold when the wind is blowing hard, to check the trees have not brought down the wires.

I hope you have noted 20th November is our Christmas Fair at the Old School, Long Melford. The doors will open at 10am to reveal an Aladdin’s cave of gifts, crafts, jewellery, glass, jigsaws, seasonal goodies and lots more plus a raffle, tombola and snacks. Adult admission 50p, parking free. We hope to see you at this, our last event of the year. Looking ahead to next year, I bet Barbara has already started collecting items for another sale in Stratford St. Mary. Perhaps Mum will let me help this time!

My pen pal, Finlay the caring cocker, has been in touch again. He says his Mum has offered my Mum some classic toys (that means “not for dogs”) to sell. I’ll have to guard them from Amazing Maisie, our resident springer, who adores soft toys.

I really must return to my place by the range before the others come in. These chilly days don’t suit a chap with Mexican DNA like me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua!