Kenny’s May News

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"Hi" from Kenny!

“Hi” from Kenny!

Trotting around the garden at SESAW, I detect an air of contentment, thanks to the better weather and the wonderful job our volunteers made of the big Spring Clean.   At last the mud is gone, the days are warmer and many animals have new loving homes.   If you are Spring cleaning and have any good quality items to spare, we would be very glad of them for our fundraising sales and events throughout the year.   Visit us, Wednesday to Sunday, 10am-1pm or leave a message on 01787 210888 if you need goods collected.

Black Cat

Black Cat

The only dark cloud on the horizon is the number of black cats we have languishing in their pens.   You would be surprised how many people chose a black cat, but change their minds when they see a coloured cat further on, or at another centre.   So, once again, the black cat sits and watches yet another cat that came in after him, go to a new home.   They are all the same under the fur you know.   My black velvet feline friend, Ollie, is more loving than any tabby and as faithful as us dogs!   He accompanies Mum on her evening rounds and will not come in without her.

We had a lovely day at the Hollow Trees Farm Shop Pet and Poultry Show last month and we also received £45 in donations.   Visitors enjoyed meeting some of our guinea pigs, Pip, a Chihuahua Jack cross now rehomed, two cuddly cockerels and me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua!