Kenny’s May News

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“Listen!” said Mum as I wandered into the yard. “You can hear a pin drop”. I was puzzled about the pin but yes, it was unnaturally quiet. Although oblivious to the trials of human life, most of us animals are aware that all is not well. Some of the volunteers are missing, those that do come are sometimes a little subdued and seem to take extra solace in our company. We still enjoy walkies but we file out, one at a time which limits the customary chatter and banter.

The cats have realised something is amiss too. Ollie (the Black) misses his mid morning snacks as our carers no longer linger over coffee and biscuits. Racci, our resident ginger puss, at a loose end with no Public to greet, was caught sitting on a fence in full view of a dog kennel, just to tease the occupant. Even Beryl the hen puzzles over an empty garden and vacant armchair. Visitors no longer appear at the gate, hoping to find a new pet or two and the fundraisers are nowhere to be seen. Mum says they are busy at home, making jewellery and other beautiful things ready for future sales.

Our handmade items are always extremely popular at our Fairs and no wonder, Jayne and her friends are extremely skilled. It takes many hours to produce them because the ladies work to the highest standards but there is a gap in our craft market. Jayne would be very pleased to hear from any talented people who can crochet animals or make small card boxes to suit our jewellery. If you are handy with a hook or can box clever, please phone or text 07720 079370 to discuss how you can help. We hope to have a wonderful Christmas Fair this year with such a great team on board, if we are allowed out by November. By the way, homemade candles also sell well.

Like many of you, I’ve been at a loose end lately but very grateful for the lovely weather. I do enjoy trotting around the garden with Mum as she starts her evening rounds and then it’s bedtime for all the animals including me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua.

Walkies at a distance – these dogs now have new homes 🙂
Racci the tease!
Beryl – where’s everone gone?!