Kenny’s May News

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My new igloo!

My new igloo!

I couldn’t help it!   I just had to take a nap in my new igloo and then that pompous puss rattled off April’s news!   Mind you, it is a lovely, cosy bed sent in by my Kettlebaston fans, Peter and Val so I don’t really mind, and Ollie (the Black) Cat did a good job last month.

My canine pals and I enjoy playing outside on warm, dry days, finishing up with a thorough dust bath!   Some of our supporters are also busy in the garden, growing plants for the Leavenheath Open Gardens Day on 14th June.   Visitors can look around the Sanctuary on the day, and browse our gardening stall.   Prior to that, the volunteers will be holding a two day Bank Holiday garage sale at SESAW from 10am to 1pm on 23rd and 24th May.
Thank you to everyone who helped raise £1054 at our Easter Fayre in March.   Some of our volunteers (and a couple of SatNavs!) didn’t know the location of Whatfield before the first day of Spring.   They do now, and waxed lyrical about the lovely Village Hall and customers!
At the time of writing permanent homes are needed for a selection of animals including a pair of degus and several rabbits.   We also need more volunteers in the mornings to care for the animals and walk dogs.   If you can spare three hours to help once a week please leave your details on the answerphone.  
I’m off for a run around the garden with my friends and I hope you didn’t believe the story Ollie told you last month?   I was just checking the bait was tasty enough when they found me in the trap.   Anyway, the silly thing must have been faulty to catch me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua!