Kenny’s March News

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Everyone seems to be in a reflective mood as we mark the changes in our lives over the last year so here are a few words from Mum – better known to you as Maggie.

“Many of us have come to acknowledge the truth of that old adage, ‘You don’t know what you’ll miss until it’s gone’, be it a person, a pet or the disrupted rhythm of life.

The current situation has bought home to us at SESAW, how much we miss the help and commitment received from local companies in the past. It’s very apparent just how much hard work and effort they put into helping us maintain the kennels and catteries on site, thus giving us more time for the animals.

That said we are still here, a bit scruffier, up to our ears in mud but never the less the animals are clean, warm in their heated kennels, well fed and loved. And good people carry on helping, including the Stowmarket branch of Argos. Our sincere thanks to the store for using it’s charity allowance on pet beds, bowls, towels and snugly covers for SESAW last month. Photo shows our smallest resident, Kenny Chihuahua, as he dived into Liz’s car when she delivered the hoard of goodies. Also Heather from Argos with the donated items.

So what’s to moan about? Spring is on its way, it will get dryer and we look forward to releasing a Buzzard that was bought into us starving. It is now eating well and waiting for better weather to go back to its territory. It is a similar scenario for a Barn Owl which will be taking wing in the near future.

So don’t forget, if we can help we are here, operating nearly thirty years and facing the future with hope and compassion.”

That’s enough for now, Mum. It’s time for you to feed all the animals including me, your usual correspondent, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua.