Kenny’s March News

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What a scarey week that was!   I don’t know who Ciara and Dennis are but they made a dreadful mess in the garden.  Mum was nearly blown over when she went out to check the kennels and stables.   The dramatic storms may be a distant memory now but our volunteers are still repairing the damage. 

It’s been a rough year so far.   Apart from battling the elements, we lost dear old Peg, one of our Kune Kune pigs.   She and her lifelong pal, Bob, arrived a few years ago after their owner died.   Sadly Peg became ill recently and on the morning of her demise, Bob was laying by her side with his head laid across her.   As you may imagine, a few tears were shed that day.

I also suffered a much smaller loss when the Vet removed three of my teeth.   It can’t be my fault, although every time Mum tried to clean them I bit her just to let her know they were still there.   Perhaps I should have let her clean them.

We have lots of bargains ready for our £1 Sale on 14th March at Newton Green Village Hall, CO10 0QS.   Don’t miss it, if only for the delicious homemade cakes!   Which reminds me, it’s nearly dinner time!   It’s so cold, even the cats are staying in and taking over our dog beds.   As the rain lashes against the window and the wind howls down the chimney, here ends this under the duvet report from me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua.