Kenny’s March News

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Ollie (the Black) cat says I’m getting too big for my boots since visiting the Editor at Keith Avis printers in Hadleigh.   Our lovely volunteer, Elaine, took me along when she called in to order a pop up banner which she will donate to SESAW.   Kelvin was very helpful and just found time to pose for photos before putting the Community News magazine “to bed”.
Back at SESAW Mum discovered a poor old black cat in a cardboard box on our drive.   Sadly he died but a young ginger tom found in a field is doing well.   An irresponsible human dumped four cockerels in our paddock, regardless of how they would survive the attentions of the local fox.   Yet another heartless person lobbed a ten week old, worm infested kitten over a high garden wall and left it for dead.   “Lobby” is now receiving lots of love and attention from one of our foster families and their dog.   Maisie the Springer is progressing well after complicated leg surgery.   Donations to help fund her treatment can be made at Swayne and Partners in Long Melford, at SESAW or via our JustGiving page entitled Amazing Maisie.
Everyone at SESAW is delighted that Mum (known to you as Maggie) will receive a Babergh and Mid Suffolk Community Achievement Award next month.  The dear lady says she is only “the tip of the iceberg” because all the volunteers make everything possible.  Well she’s always been our hero, now it’s official!

Barbara’s Bonanza Sale will be held in the Parish Room, Stratford St. Mary, 10am on 2nd April followed by our Spring Sale on 10th April, 10-3pm, the Old School Long Melford.   Tables may still be available, call 01206 263269 to check.  
Thank you for the latest batch of Washbrook woolly wonders!   Their blankets and coats are soooo warm and cosy, especially the hi-vis vest Betty made just for me.   Another big thank you to all the kind people who donated cat litter for our feline inmates recently.  
Now I’ve started to “travel” more, as per my New Year resolution, I wonder which of my fellow Community News contributor I’ll visit next.   There must be an interesting local business ready and willing to invite me, Kenny the Boss, Chihuahua.

Lobby with her foster friend.  Her broken leg needed external fixation.
Lobby with her foster friend. Her broken leg needed external fixation.