Kenny’s June News

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"Hi" from Kenny!

“Hi” from Kenny!

Everyone at SESAW is happy when a home is found for another rescued animal but sometimes things go wrong.   Regular readers may recall my story of feline sisters, Marmite and Peanut who were dumped in a suitcase at Christmas with Marmite’s kittens.

Although they were all happily rehomed, Marmite and Peanut’s new owner become ill and the girls are very sad to be back to SESAW.   As I wrote in February, they are lovey (for cats!) and again, I hope they soon get the forever home they deserve, permanently this time.

Like any home, there is always something that needs fixing at SESAW.   Now the weather is warmer and dryer, our volunteers are repairing and improving kennels, cat runs and the flight enclosure, ready for our Fete and Fun Dog Show on 27th July.   More about that next time.

Our fundraisers are busy too, preparing for three June events, firstly table top sales at the Ansell Centre in Hadleigh on the 14th and at Leavenheath Village Hall on the 28th, both from midday to 3pm.   There will be raffles and refreshments at both table sales and we will be glad of any saleable goods beforehand, or on the day.   Also on the 28th Margot and Brian will be running a book stall for us on Sudbury Market.   Like many of our helpers, they got involved after giving some SESAW cats a loving home so please stop to say hello.

Peanut & Marmite

Peanut & Marmite

After all this talk of cats, next month I’ll be sure to tell you about some SESAW dogs that need homes and they are not all as small as me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua!