Kenny’s June News

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Things have come to a pretty pass!   First I was usurped by that precocious Ollie “The Black” Cat when he wrote my April blog.  Next, I nearly missed the June deadline because I had to wait for this article to be typed.  Generally I’m an easy going fellow but I think the time has come to find some more helpers!   The fundraisers are rushed off their feet organising events so if you would like to join the happy team please leave a message on the answer phone.

Life at SESAW can be a roller coaster of happy and sad stories but this one ends like a Walt Disney film.  Three months ago, a Graylag Goose was shot and callously left to die.  Fortunately, caring people brought her to SESAW where she eventually recovered and was ready for release.  Very early this morning, along with our own domestic geese and ducks on the field, Mum spotted something new – a pair of Graylag Geese.  Quietly, she ushered the rescued bird out to meet the visitors and after grazing for two hours, the three flew away together until they disappeared into the distance. Ahhh!

Meanwhile, two little chaps still looking for a home are Snoopy, a Parsons Jack Russell and his Chihuahua type companion, Pip who loves a cuddle once he knows you.  Initially nervous, these five year olds would soon settle with a grown up family or active retired couple.

Let’s hope the suns shines for the Leavenheath Open Gardens day on Sunday 14th June, at least between 11- 5pm.  Please call in to see us and browse our gardening stall on your way around the village.  There will be plenty of bargains at Barbara’s Summer Sale in the Village Hall, Stoke by Nayland on Saturday 27th June from 2 – 4pm.  Which reminds me, I’d better check my secret stash of interesting objects.  If you find a partly chewed biro or bent pair of spectacles at the Sale, they may belong to me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua!