Kenny’s July News

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"Hi" from Kenny!

“Hi” from Kenny!

We had a lovely surprise last month when pupils from Thomas Gainsborough School in Sudbury presented us with £72, raised by selling their own homemade cakes.  We must also thank Debbie Lock for donating £863 after organised a Garden Party on 7th June.  Guests enjoyed perfect weather and some of my canine pals won places in the Dog Show.

The volunteers were very upset recently when a young cygnet died due to a fishing hook becoming embedded down his throat.  I heard them say it was not an isolated case of wildlife suffering due to a human’s negligence.  A few days later Mum found a black cat in an animal carrier dumped by the road outside SESAW.   He was severely traumatised by the passing traffic and should have been left in clear view, rather than hidden behind the hedge.
Now, as promised last month, I’ll tell you about the dogs.  Lexi is a lovely six year old Staffie, looking for a home again due to changed circumstances.  Flossy, a white Jack Russell/Westie narrowly escaped being put down in a dog pound.   She likes people and wants to be the only pet in her new home.  Two year old Toby loves people, other dogs and walks.  He can’t help his Jack Russell/Staffie parentage and is really lonely since his canine pal, was rehomed.  Ralphie, a young Chihuahua cross, suffers with anxiety.  He needs an extra special home to help him cope.
The bunting will be out again for our annual Fete, Fun Dog Show and Open Day on Sunday 27th July.   All the usual attractions plus entertainment from local musicians, “Jazz Galore” will make the afternoon go with a swing.
I’m very thirsty after all this dictating so I hope someone has saved a drop of tea for me!
Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua