Kenny’s July News

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Delicious! A steaming, hot cuppa on a roasting hot day. As I buried my face in Tanya’s mug to glean the last drops of her tea, I couldn’t help earwigging about some good news. Mum was pleased because the last rescued raptor was leaving us. Several birds of prey, including a Buzzard, arrived at SESAW needing intensive feeding due to the wet, cold Spring. One also had a fractured wing which was repaired by our vet. All have now returned to their natural environment including a Barn Owl which is being offered supplementary food to ensure a smooth transition back to the wild.

If a run on the wild side appeals, there is just time to enlist in the Nayland 10K on Sunday 12th July. This fun, family event (not a race) for all levels, is well organised and raises lots of money for several local charities including SESAW. Sign up at:

A big thank you to little Sylvi Baker who wanted to help animals less fortunate than her treasured pets. The seven year old enlisted her nine year old sister, Rosalie, and their Nana to help bake lots of cup cakes and make advertising posters. They set up a stall outside Great Tey Primary School where both girls are pupils and soon sold out of the scrumptious treats which raised £70. Impressed family members topped up the total to £100 which has been donated to the animal charity, SESAW at Leavenheath.

As we all adapt to the ‘new normal’ some of our volunteers have moved on, leaving us short of animal carers. If you can help and have a morning to spare each week, please leave a message on our answerphone or email with your details. Jobs include cleaning kennels, dog walking and feeding – which reminds me, it’s time for dinner! Come on Mum, put the kettle on for another brew and don’t forget to save some for me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua.