Kenny’s January News

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“As we stand on the threshold of a new year, we reflect upon the wonderful support given to SESAW throughout out the year.   We are grateful for the generous donations of food, bedding and other items which go towards caring for the animals, and for the saleable goods which help raise money at our sales.

We are also indebted to the many volunteers who make everything happen, including Mrs. Pat (Herbie) Whalley who has now moved on to help a care homes charity.   Herbie has been involved in many SESAW fundraising events over the last six years and organised the twice yearly Sales held at Long Melford.   The Christmas Fair which raised £3,100 was Herbie’s last event and we wish her similar success at Leornard Cheshire Homes. 

Now I’ve finished the serious bit, how about this for something completely different.  It’s not often an ex SESAW dog hits the headlines but two of our canine friends made the news recently.   Hadleigh’s heroic hound Bowza, a Labrador cross, was featured on BBC Look East and the national press after sharing his body heat with a lady suffering a head injury.  Bowza’s proud owner, Don Cox, said the dog seemed to understand the problem and stayed next to the shivering lady for over an hour until an ambulance arrived. 

My old friend Freddie, a very cute chihuahua cross, became the centre of attention during filming for a Channel 4 TV commercial.   The little chap was chosen to appear in an ad with the equally handsome bigger chap in the photo, to advertise “Solidor” front doors.   Of course Freddie was completely unfazed by the experience because we chihuahuas are often the star attraction.   Apparently he has already be asked for his pawprint and might become more famous than me!

I have no idea what animals may be available for rehoming when you read this so please keep an eye on our website or visit when we reopen on Thursday 17th January.   Don’t forget to wear your wellies if the weather is wet!   My vertically challenged canine friends usually return home with very muddy undercarriages, which is extremely uncomfortable, I can tell you!   Time to muscle into the scrum to find a space in front of the Rayburn for me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua