Kenny’s January News

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Now the days are short, it is dark before Mum finishes getting all the animals fed, watered and bedded down for the night.   Regular readers will be glad to know Ollie (the Black) Cat is back on duty after recovering from a nasty abscess.   He has not yet regained his sleek coat and stays home more now but still follows Mum everywhere on her evening rounds.  

Have you started the New Year full of good intentions and resolutions?   I ask because we animals are very much in need of new volunteers to look after us.   Our happy team is dwindling as personal circumstances change and it’s a real struggle to keep up with all the jobs.   If you cannot make a weekly commitment, perhaps you could help occasionally with fundraising.   There are lots of things to do both before and during an event but it’s worth all the hard work as you can see from the happy faces of our ladies and gentlemen taken at recent sales. 
We also need materials for our “crafters” who have been busy knitting and sewing during the long winter evenings.   If you can spare anything they could use, please leave it bagged up and labelled “CRAFT” or let us know if you would like it collected.   The finished results will be on sale at our Easter Fair on 10th March.

We wish you a healthy, peaceful 2018 and if you decide to volunteer you will receive a warm welcome from our friendly bunch, from the animals and particularly from me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua.