Kenny’s January News

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Here we are, at the start of another year and another diet for some of us.   Hope my canine readers had a more satisfactory festive season than an acquaintance of mine.  Stollen fruits were not the sweetest when the poor fellow was caught devouring a chunk of the German delicacy under the table.  Amateurs!  As SESAW’s Chief Table Swiper, I advised ‘Sugar Face’ to find an accomplice quick, he obviously needs help if he wants to have his cake and eat it!

Before all thoughts of Christmas fade away, we would be glad of any unwanted presents for our raffles.   We’ve had some super prizes thanks to the lovely items you donated and would like to keep up the same standard this year.   May I also ask you to remember us if you have any spare wool, fabric or craft materials?   This is for our talented volunteers who are busy knitting, sewing and creating handmade items for up and coming sales.   (See photo of me with an over friendly monkey!)   If you have anything that might be of use please pop it in a bag, clearly marked “CRAFT MATERIALS” and leave it at the Sanctuary any morning or send a message via the website or Facebook.

I wrote this early so the Webmistress could put it “to bed” and enjoy the festive season too.   Consequently, I don’t know what animals have come in but you can easily find out.   We are open again from 5th January so if you have resolved to share your home with a new pet, have a look at our website or visit us 10-1pm Thursday-Sunday.   Meanwhile, I’m on a mission to retrieve some tasty digestive biscuits I’m sure someone left on the kitchen table just for me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua