Kenny’s January News

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Ken and Alf Xmas Jumpers

I hope you enjoyed the festive season and perhaps a few leisurely walks with your pooch pals? We’ll be stepping out more briskly this month if the weather forecasters are correct, but some people are looking forward to a warm up on Burns Night celebrations at the end of January. He must have been a kind man judging by his poem, “To a Mouse” which he wrote after ploughing up the little creature’s nest by mistake. Just the sort of thing Mum would do – the sentiment, not the ploughing!

My canine pals and I were delighted to receive our very own Christmas jumpers and blankets last month, courtesy of Betty’s Copdock and Washbrook Knitting Group. Alfie and I put on our best cute poses for the photos. Needless to say Ollie (the Black) Cat was not impressed! Which reminds me, we still have Max and Millie, a pair of young, unwanted black and white cats that have been with us since they were born at Sesaw, 19 months ago. I’ll tell you about more animals next month but Ollie and I think Mum deserves some “down time” so SESAW will be closed until Saturday 30th January. Not that she will put her feet up while there are dogs to walk and feed, kennels to clean, plus Ollie’s friends in the cattery, all the birds, farm animals – and Ron. “Him indoors” says he needs looking after too! Rehoming of animals already chosen will continue and we will still attend to telephone messages and emergencies.

Now I had better click send before I press the wrong key and delete my hard work. It’s time I had a little nap by the Rayburn so move over everyone and make space for me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua.