Kenny’s February News

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Year of the Rabbit they tell me – that must be why we have so many in need of new homes!

Sooty and Sweep

Anyone remember last summer’s heatwaves? Me neither, but there must be some sunlight getting through the clouds, judging by our quirky mascot outside.

A few years ago, a small plastic solar powered Pug was left at our gate. Perhaps a dog lover thought he would bring us more luck than the traditional waving cat. Apparently, these Chinese talisman are actually Japanese and not waving, but beckoning. The right paw invites good fortune but our Edmond beckons friendship with his left paw, perhaps suggesting true friends are worth more than money? We are certainly blessed with wonderful people who come in each day to care for the animals awaiting new homes, including dogs like seven year old Buster, who cannot see.


His sense of space and touch is fantastic but he likes his world to remain static so that he can negotiate it accurately. Buster enjoys his walks, he knows the exact whereabouts of his dinner – and the treat you are offering him! Slowly build up trust, talk to him as you approach so he is not frightened and a rewarding relationship will develop.

Please leave a phone message or email, including your phone number, if you would like an appointment to meet this special boy, or if you would like to become a volunteer. We have no vacancies for students, but adults are always welcome to help with feeding, walking and cleaning the living quarters. All we ask is commitment to one regular morning per week.

Although we’re closed for refurbishment, we’re still rescuing those in need, and there are lots of grateful animals waiting to meet you, including me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua. 🐾