Kenny’s February News

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Well I’ve seen it all now.   Rupert the pig was a baby when he arrived last summer and quickly settled into a routine.   Mum lets him out around 5am (he sleeps in a crate in the office like all well mannered porkers) then deals with her emails, by which time he is demanding his breakfast.   Yesterday he was strangely quiet and no wonder.   There he was, IN the feed bin, helping himself to MY biscuits with only his loin chops showing!

Ollie says I must tell you we have some lovely cats waiting for new homes including four who came in together when their owner died.    I’ve attached a photo of Geordie, one of the four, who looks just like Ollie to me – but don’t tell him I said so!

The fundraising events start in March with an Easter themed Gift and Craft Fair on 10th at Whatfield Village Hall on 10th and a Book Sale on 24th at Hintlesham & Chattisham Community Centre.   If you want to make some holiday money and have nice things to sell, phone 01206 263269 to book a table at our Spring Fair on 22nd April at Long Melford.

Although Christmas seems long ago, we are still enjoying all the lovely food, bedding and gifts so many of you sent last December and thank you for your kindness.   Which reminds me, that not-so-small pig is heading back indoors so it’s time to check there are still some dog biscuits for me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua.