Kenny’s February News

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Prince n DukeBaby and Julian

That pesky Ollie (the Black) Cat was at the computer again, trying to usurp me as author of “Ken’s SESAW News”! Lucky I was here to take over and tell you about the “Amazing Maisie Appeal” on JustGiving. This is to help fund life changing treatment for a long suffering dog, after enduring seven years of pain. Due to a birth defect, Maisie could hardly walk – she certainly couldn’t run and for a Springer that is horrendous.

Upon her arrival at SESAW our vet, Simon at Swayne and Partners, diagnosed the problem and performed life changing surgery. A few days later, Mum was hand feeding her with Christmas dinner as Maisie faced six weeks of bed rest. She already manages so much better and rewards her carers with a lick as her dressings are changed. If you could say a dog was smiling, that’s Amazing Maisie. Donations towards the cost of Maisie’s treatment (which will amount to £2,500) can be accepted via the Justgiving link
and in person at the Sanctuary or at the vets, Swayne and Partners, in Long Melford (please put in an envelope with “Amazing Maisie Appeal” on the front).

Ollie says his fellow black cats and kittens are still being overlooked. He is also worried about two of his friends, homeless due to their owner’s illness. Baby and Julian are handsome long haired, black and white cats, looking for an adult only home where they would be the only animals.

Among the dogs at SESAW are Duke, a Labrador cross and Chihuahua cross Prince. They may seem an unlikely pair, but they were blissfully happy with a little girl and her family, until illness forced them apart.

If you are a special person that can give some of these animals the loving homes they deserve, please leave a phone message or email Mum.

Mum says I must thank everyone for their many generous donations, including those who give no contact details to save our postage. We are glad of all the lovely saleable items which help us make lots of money at our fundraising events.

We still have tables available at our Spring Sale in the Old School, Long Melford on 10th April. This has proved a very successful venue for sellers and Public alike so why not book a £10 space to sell your excess things? Phone 01206 263269 or visit our website to download a booking form. By the way, Barbara tells me she is planning another of her successful sales in the Parish Rooms, Stratford St. Mary. This time “Barbara’s Bazaar” will be held on Saturday 2nd April, starting at 10am.

It’s time to click send before I press the wrong key and delete my hard work. It’s also time I had a little nap by the Rayburn so move over everyone and make space for me, Kenny the Boss, Chihuahua.