Kenny’s December News

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What a cheek! Last month Ollie mocked me ‘writing’ our news for ten years when I claim to be eight? Well, the laugh is on him because he was older than me when he arrived in 2013! Our resident black cat was found nearly dead, came in after a week at the vet’s, broke out of a pet carrier and headed straight for the house. We get on alright really and he gives a different view of SESAW life which is still very busy.

Only last week two lovely tabby cats came in when their owner sadly died. They have always been together and they are used to living with two big dogs. We also have Signe, a ten year old Eurasier bitch (see photo, she looks like a Teddy bear!) that was living in a car with her owner when they lost their home. She is used to having company all the time so needs a loving human companion, maybe with another dog.

At this the time of the year we express our appreciation for those who support the work of SESAW in many different ways. The list is endless but you know who you are and we send you a massive THANK YOU. That includes the shops and vets that host our food collection bins and our website and Facebook ladies who give us a ‘voice’ to talk to you.

As we all face the future during such a worrying time, everyone at SESAW wishes you a happy festive season with peace, good health and happiness, including me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua