Kenny’s December News

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Kenny’s December Blog:

Hello, I guess this trail of biscuit crumbs, boiled sweets and tissues is from Mum’s pocket, thanks to my housemate, Pushy Penny. True, I used to pinch Mum’s glasses and pens but that naughty Yorkie puts my early misdemeanours in the shade. If Mum leaves her coat unattended, PP wastes no time in raiding the contents. Nothing is safe, sometimes she chews a hole right through, hence the scattered contents.

We hope the Lockdown has ended when you read this so that our plans are safe and not scattered. Our indefatigable fundraisers should be at the Festive Fair on Saturday 12th December at Bridge Farm Barn, Monks Eleigh, IP7 7AY. Jeanette will be running her Terrific Tombola, Sheila and Elaine have oodles of “classy stuff” plus Sharon’s Christmas face masks which have become quite the must-have fashion accessory for humans! Sadly the annual Sudbury Christmas Tree Festival in St. Peter’s Church has been cancelled. Joan will certainly be ready with her decorations for next year.

A big thank you to Mitch and Sean of the Brewers Arms, Polstead for supporting Suffolk & Essex Small Animal Welfare. Over the last four years, they have donated £2,115.24 from the proceeds of the bottle bank located at the pub. This has helped fund animal care and the Charity’s Snippets newsletter, a much appreciated boost, particularly during the current difficult times.

Finally, we politely ask that nothing is left at the Sanctuary without prior arrangement. We have to limit intake because everything must be quarantined to protect volunteers and bedding, food or sale goods left at random make this impossible.
Thank you for your unwavering support and best wishes for a safe and peaceful Christmas from all of us, including Ollie (the Black) Cat and me, (Kenny the Boss) Chihuahua.