Kenny’s December News

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Thank you to everyone who helped or visited our Christmas Fair at Long Melford last month. A good time was had by all and a fantastic £3,100 was raised. Although we will have a break from sales until next March, life is harder at SESAW during the cold winter months. The work has to be crammed into the shorter days and the animals are ready for bed much earlier. Extra insulation, draft protection and fixings have been installed but Mum keeps watch for damage to the buildings and fences during her daily rounds.

During the long winter evenings our Craft ladies will be knitting, crocheting and sewing lots of beautiful things (like the pink elephant in the picture) to raise money next year. If you have any spare wool, cotton, material or other craft notions they could use, please get in touch. We can arrange collection of donations which need to be clearly marked CRAFT.

I must tell you about Charlie and Gypsy, two lovely Chihuahua/cross dogs, both two and a half years old, very much in need of each other. They may be nervous initially but have progressed tremendously and will continue to do so once they have a new home. We also have a pair of delightful and inseparable Springer Spaniels, see photo. Sadly, seven year old Uncle Kez and his seven month old nephew, Max, have been with us since their owner became ill. They will need further training but they are very loving and will repay their new owner tenfold. Wildlife casualties continue to arrive but I’ll tell more about that next time.

It’s time to thank our volunteers who turn up every week, whatever the weather, to care for the animals, buildings and garden or organise sales and fairs. Also the unseen army of people who deliver donations of food or other items and goods to be sold at our fundraising events. Last but not least, we thank the visitors who attend those events. Please note that we will be closed over the Christmas/New Year period – dates will be posted soon. Best wishes for health and happiness to all our supporters from everyone at SESAW including Ollie (the Black) Cat and Kenny (the Boss Chihuahua)