Kenny’s December News

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Brrrr! I don’t like these cold, dark days and nor does Ollie (the Black) Cat. He sprawls across the desk, swipes Mum if she tries to access her paperwork then walks over the keyboard which spews blank pages out of the printer!

One of my other housemates, Buttons, is a Norfolk Terrier, a good solid no nonsense member of the family. She was the ideal companion for Mum at a Thanksgiving Service for animals to celebrate the love and care between pets and their owners. They received a warm welcome at St. Mary’s in Stoke by Nayland and the collection raised over £235 for SESAW.

It’s been a difficult year for all animal charities with many people forced to give up their pets due to health or financial problems. Other animals are brought in, having being abandoned at the side of the road and often in need of urgent veterinary attention. Like most rescue centres, SESAW has been full to bursting and short of volunteers but we keep going, hoping the situation will ease up soon.

Now that winter has arrived, please check our website or Facebook pages before visiting us as our seasonal shutdown begins in December. I hope you like the photo of me in my Santa Hat? I asked one of the kittens we had in the summer to model the hat on behalf of Ollie. There was no way HE was going to pose for the camera! Very best wishes for good health and happiness to all our friends and re-homed animals, from Ollie (the Black) Cat and me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua.