Ollie’s October News

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Little Lord Fauntleroy is strutting around the house trying to look important. Yes, Kenny “the Boss” Chihuahua has been out to meet his fans, giving me the opportunity to email some exceptional news for you!

Mother, known to you as Maggie, will be awarded an Honorary Fellowship at the University of Suffolk later this month in recognition of her notable contributions to the community. I cannot tell you how proud and delighted we all feel about this well earned and deserved acknowledgement. Of course the good lady herself will have none of it, insisting she is merely a “facilitator” and will accept said accolade on behalf of the volunteers, without whom there would be no SESAW.

Now back to the animals as I don’t think Kenneth has told you about the cats awaiting homes, in particularly a little puss called Marti who has been with us for six months. She arrived pregnant but the kittens are all weaned and she is ready for an adult only home where she would be the only cat.

Our next sale is at the Community Hall, Hintlesham, IP8 3PS, 11-2pm on 13th October. Lots to buy including collectables, jewellery, furnishings, a tombola, raffle and refreshments. 50p entry, free parking. Our popular Christmas Fair will be held at The Old School, Long Melford on Sunday 18th November. Tables still available, phone 01206 263269 to book.

No award could sway Mother from her evening rounds so I’m off to accompany her before it gets dark. The nights are drawing in and getting damp but a cosy nest in the hay bales is still the best bed for me, Ollie (the Black) Cat.

Discount on tickets to the National Country Show Live!

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We’ll be at The National Country Show Live at Hylands Park, Chelmsford on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd September. You can save 75% on tickets by quoting ‘NCSL2018’ when you book online. The offer ends at midnight on Friday 21st September 2018. Book here: www.nationalcountryshow.co.uk – hope to see you there!

Kenny’s September News

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Despite a chaotic few days before the event, everyone seemed to enjoy our Open Day and Fun Dog Show. After a storm left a trail of devastation on the Friday night, our fantastic team rallied at silly o’clock on Sunday morning and restored order ready for the visitors’ arrival at midday.
Although a little wet, it was a happy day with lots of laughs as volunteers hung onto legs and roofs while others made running repairs to the billowing gazebos! The Hadleigh Ukulele Group carried on entertaining like the troopers they are, to the delight of their audience. Most importantly, many animals were rehomed but more are coming in so if you are looking for a pet to complete your family, please visit us when we reopen in September.

Mum is still looking after injured and orphaned birds and wildlife. Those bad mannered seagulls that gave me a peck are now living in an outside pen (best place for them in my opinion!) until they are old enough to be released.

We have been invited to three events this month, two of which are on the same day! Our volunteers will attend the Wickham St. Paul Dog Show CO9 2TP which starts at 1pm and a fundraising sale at Polstead Village Hall, CO6 5AL between 10am and 3pm. Next is our own Autumn Fair, taking place on 16th September at the Village Hall, Great Bentley, CO7 8LG between 11am and 3pm. Lots of quality items including gifts, antiques, collectables with good food – and me! Please come along to meet us.

Finally, for a weekend with a difference, take the family to the National Country Show Live at Hylands Park, Chelmsford, CM2 8WQ on Saturday and Sunday 22nd and 23rd September. Dawn and Karen will be representing SESAW at this prestigious event which will be opened by television personality, Ben Fogle.

Our garden looks lovely thanks to our helpers putting in hours of hard work and I’m off to smell the flowers. Maybe they will name a rose after me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua.

Kenny’s August News

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There was much reminiscing about England’s football success in 1966 and the heat wave of 1976 last month. Very interesting providing we dogs don’t have to wait on a hot pavement during the conversation. Even my Mexican roots don’t protect my little pads in that weather! Despite the heat, the Melford Street Fair was a good day for all concerned. Let’s hope some volunteers come forward to continue this great annual event.

Mum has been kept busy with the usual young domestic and wild orphans brought in through the summer including a baby seagull. Naturally, as top dog around here, I introduced myself and received a sharp peck through the bars for my trouble. Charming. The cute little duckling was a much better behaved character!

We have been invited to the Beth Chatto Gardens Wildlife Fair, Elmstead Market CO7 7DB. This is a beautiful venue for two days of fun family events on 21st and 22nd August.

Our garden is also lovely thanks to our helpers putting in hours of hard work and I’m off to smell the flowers. Maybe they will name a rose after me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua.

Calling all Bakers!

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We’d be grateful for cakes to sell at our Open Day next Sunday, 29th July – preferably big cakes, not cupcakes, and ones that will stand up to the heat!

They can be delivered on the day between 12 and 1pm, or on Saturday 28th between 10am and 1pm.

Many thanks 🙂

Stay cool! Can you help?

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“Does anyone have any doggy paddling pools they could donate, or lend us for the day on Sunday, 29th July?

Our Open Day and Fun Dog Show will go ahead from 12 – 4pm, but we ask everyone to be sensible. The weather is forecast to be hot, so please leave elderly and short nosed dogs at home if this is the case. Bring your own shade if possible (umbrella, etc.), use a cold jacket if you have one, and we’ll have plenty of wet towels to hand. We’d also like plenty of cold water baths around and about, for the dogs to take a dip and cool off, but sadly most of ours are no longer fit for purpose.

Can you help? If so, please message this page. Thank you :)”

Kenny’s July News

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Now that’s something you don’t see every day.   Maisie, the springer spaniel and I were invited to Lush Cosmetics because they were donating profits from their Charity Pot cream to SESAW.   Suddenly we saw a human striding through the precinct with a tall contraption strapping to his back.   Apparently it was the Google Earth guy, mapping the precinct with a 360̊ camera.   And I thought he was there just to photograph me!   Mind you, Maisie and I were soon the centre of attention again but I really didn’t know where to look when she rolled on her back for tummy tickles.   That dog is SO embarrassing!   We also called in to see our friends at Pets At Home where they have been selling scratch cards to raise money for SESAW.

If you visited “All About Dogs” at Hylands Park during the last Bank Holiday weekend you may have seen our SESAW stall manned (or is it womanned?!) by Jayne and Lorraine.   The temperature soared to 31 degrees as they met hundreds of visitors from Essex, London, even Australia!  They were accompanied by Jayne’s rescue dog, Frank who is so good at a big event like that.   The gentle greyhound stood patiently as admirers stopped to stroke him in between his rest periods.   As you can see in the photo, he was particularly taken with a whippet that set her cap at him!  

Thank you to everyone who supported our sale at Newton Green last month.   Over £500 was raised at our first visit to this delightful little village hall and we met lots of local residents.   Our volunteers will be very busy attending lots of events in July starting with the Long Melford Street Fair on the 1st.   After that are the Great Cornard Fete on 7th at the Stevenson Centre, the Eight Ash Green Music Festival on 21st July, a doggy day at the Beagle, Sproughton then it’s all systems go for our own Open Day and Fun Dog Show, 12-4pm on Sunday 29th July at the Sanctuary.   The ladies are busy preparing gifts, crafts, plants and there are promises of yummy homemade cakes, a spinning demonstration and entertainment by the Hadleigh Ukulele Group.   We really need some top class raffle prizes and would be grateful for any donations of suitable items.   Leave a message on the ansaphone if you need anything collected.   Please join us, you might even see me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua. 

Kenny’s June News

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Kenny’s June News:

Are you a morning person or a late riser? Unfortunately for me, a lie in is never an option at SESAW because Mum gets up very early. Despite my reluctance, I’m one of the first out of the door as we all rush into the garden, avoiding Gertie the ex-battery hen as she wanders in to inspect the kitchen. Many of the permanent residents are getting on, except me of course, and so are some of the animals awaiting new homes. If you are looking for a pet to complete your family, please consider an older dog and contrary to popular belief, they CAN learn new tricks!

Thank you to all who supported our Spring Fair at the Old School, Long Melford and the £1 Sale at Tiptree. I was lucky enough to attend both events where we met lots of friends, old and new. If you read this in time you may like to visit our Summer Sale, 12-4pm 2nd June at Newton Green Village Hall, CO10 0QY. Lots to buy including nearly new evening and prom dresses, ladies fashions and accessories. We will also be at the Long Melford Street Fair, 2-7pm on 1st July and the Great Cornard Fete, 2pm at the Stevenson Centre Recreation Ground then on 29th July is our Open Day and Fun Dog Show, midday to 4pm. We would be really grateful for some top class raffle prizes, if you have anything suitable please leave a message on the ansaphone to arrange collection.

Must go now, time for a game of chase with my canine pals and of course the winner must be me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua.

Kenny’s May News

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Ollie (the Black) Cat has been a right grump over the Winter but I suppose it’s no wonder after such rotten weather. He even called me “Little Lord Fauntleroy” just because I like going out to meet my fans! Mind you, the title does have a certain ring to it. Anyway, at last the sun is shining and he’s gone stalking down the garden leaving me in peace to tell you about one of our recent admissions.

Many of the permanent residents are getting on (not me of course, I am in my prime!) and so are some of the animals awaiting new homes. Lily is an elderly dog that has recently moved into foster care and she is enjoying every minute as you can see in the photo. If you are looking for a pet to complete your family please consider an older dog, and contrary to popular belief, they CAN learn new tricks!

Our talented crafters send a big thank you for all the materials and wool you have donated. These have been used to make lots of quality items to be sold at future events. Meanwhile preparations are under way for our £1 Sale at St. Luke’s Church Hall, Tiptree, CO5 0SU on 12th May. Doors open at 11am and I’m going to be there too. We all look forward to meeting you again and hope you will give us another warm welcome. Lots of bargains for all the family including the pets and refreshments.

Next time I’ll tell you about the animals needing new homes so I’d better go to meet them and make sure they know I’m Lord Kenneth of Leavenheath … no, I still prefer to be known as Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua.