Kenny’s May News

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Kenny’s May Blog:

I can’t believe I missed the SESAW Easter Fair at Long Melford!   They said it was too tiring for a little Chihuahua like me.   Just between you and me, I thoroughly enjoyed staying home, ripping up a tasty biscuit wrapper in front of the Rayburn. 

Undeterred by the bitter wind the visitors kept arriving at the Old School.   Some stopped for a chat and a tasty snack, most left with bags stuffed full of bargains and prizes.   A big THANK YOU to our hard working volunteers and the Public who all helped raise a fantastic £2,700 for the animals at SESAW.  

As you read this, Easter will be over and you might be enjoying a relaxing May Day break.   Our volunteers always turn up, even on Bank Holidays, to care for the animals including Sky, a Whippet/Lurcher and Biscuit, a Chihuahua/Jack cross.   They are a friendly pair that will not be separated and so they will stay with us for as long as it takes.  

We are holding a £1 Sale at Newton Green Village Hall, 11-3pm on Saturday 15th June.   This is a popular event so grab a bargain and a snack.   We always include a raffle with good quality prizes often donated by kind supporters.   Any unwanted gifts gratefully received, please leave a message on the ansaphone if you need them collected. 

Talking about snacks reminds me it’s supper time so I’m off to find a special dinner for me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua.   Suffolk & Essex Small Animal Welfare, Reg.Charity No.1124029, Stoke Road, Leavenheath, CO6 4PP, tel: 01787 210888.   Usually open 10am – 1pm Thursday to Sunday inclusive, but please check first.

Heritage Rescue Hens

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We support Heritage Rescue Hens, but these Hens are NOT at Sesaw. All enquires to Claire at

Welcome to Heritage Rescue Hens!

Heritage Rescue Hens are probably the finest rescue hens available 🙂 They are not ex-battery hens but come from free range organic farming so have had the healthiest life possible in commercial egg production. Also, uniquely for rescue hens, they are attractive/old-fashioned breeds and we deliver direct from farm to you to minimise rescue stress to them. Therefore our hens have higher survival rates and are often steadier long term layers.  We are Not for Profit and do this in our spare time.

Our hens ideally need to be kept in an enclosed roofed run to stay safe, especially for the first few days while they settle in. If you do not have a roofed enclosure ,we’d like to briefly discuss this with you before we bring the hens out. We deliver the hens direct from farm to your run to minimise rescue stress which may affect laying. We recommend you keep our hens on a diet of layers pellets and wheat grains, organic feed should give best health and productivity.

Discounts.  Discount £1 per hen where 6 to 12 hens in total  and discount £2 per hen where 13 to 20 hens in total.  Further discounts may be available, eg for higher numbers, community projects etc.

Prices include delivery to most locations in Suffolk, North Essex and sometimes further afield, depending on numbers. There may be a surcharge for bringing out to certain locations and/or very low numbers (ie under 3), only by agreement in advance. We do not make a profit but have to cover costs.

We highly recommend keeping cockerels with hens and are happy to answer any questions or concerns in this regard. Rescue cockerels available from farm flocks include Rhode Rocks, Maran Cuivrees, blues and whites.

If you would like to go ahead with rescuing hens form us, please provide the following:

Basic description of your hen accommodation, i.e.

Approx size of pen (indoor and outdoor) where they are routinely kept, whether or not they are sometimes let out to free range, and where they could be kept at all times if foxes/badgers (or defra restrictions!) are about.       

Any predator/escape proofing measures inc roofing   (we have seen so many hens lost to predation at new homes over the years 🙁   and also, for the first few days or more, they are often determined to get out of a pen to find their established laybox,’nest’, back at the farm. If they can’t escape, this calms once they’ve established new nest with you 🙂

-Numbers and breeds of hens/cockerels you are interested in.

-Telephone number.

Approx location e.g town/village.

-Where you heard about us!

We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience so we can save the maximum number of hens possible, kind regards,

Claire –

Ollie’s April News

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At last that precocious Chihuahua is preoccupied, leaving the computer unguarded for me to write this month’s news from the feline point of view.   Most importantly, I must tell you about two cats, mother and daughter Fat Cat (I can hardly bring myself to type such a name!) and Betty.   They have been with us far too long and need a quiet, understanding household to help them overcome their timid natures.   A more dignified name for the mother wouldn’t go amiss either!   Kenny would have my guts for garters if I didn’t tell you we have dogs too but of course you already know that!  

The volunteers appreciated the warm spell in February but it was back to wellies and warm jackets as the rain trickles down the office window at time of writing.   Hopefully the Spring will be in full flourish for our Easter Fair at the Old School, Long Melford, CO10 9DX, 10-3pm on 14th April.   Lots of lovely items for friends, family and your pets, a big raffle and tombola, refreshments, free parking and only 50p admission.

We will be helping at the Nayland 10K on 30th June and hoping for good weather.   SESAW is one of the lucky charities being supported by this popular event which attracts many runners.   If you enjoy competing in a multi terrain course through areas of outstanding natural beauty, register via the website: Nayland 10k | Constable Country 10k, 5k & 1k fun run

The weather affects everything at the Sanctuary, especially our annual Open Day which has been hit by storms for the last two years.   Consequently some of our gazebos were damaged beyond repair and we are in need of new ones.   If you happen to know of a sturdy gazebo surplus to requirements we would gratefully give it a good home.   Now it’s time to accompany Mother on her evening rounds and then to bed next to a radiator for me, Ollie (the Black) Cat.

Kenny’s March News

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They thought I wasn’t listening during afternoon tea the other day (yes, I do enjoy a cuppa) when I discovered Roys in Sudbury has chosen SESAW as one of it’s ten Charities of the Year. Money raised from the sale of plastic carrier bags will be donated via Nisa’s “Making A Difference Locally” registered Charity.
There’s more!

This year the Nayland10K will give a portion of the admission fees to five charities including SESAW and runners can donate their sponsorship too. Anyone interested in taking part should visit the website to register, there are photos of the lovely Constable Country courses at

And … the Co-Op in Canhams Road, Sudbury is donating 1% of all own brand purchases to charity. Customers will still earn a 5% reward and can choose SESAW to receive a further 1% by going online at
All this will help look after the animals at the Sanctuary while they wait for new loving homes.

Apart from the many cats and dogs, we have some handsome rabbits including Benjamin (born Feb 2018) and Lenny (born June 2016) both vaccinated, neutered and looking for female companions of a similar age.

The fundraisers are to preparing for our Spring Fair at Whatfield Village Hall on 23rd March but they are really short of nice things for the raffle and tombola. We would be grateful for any unwanted Christmas presents or toiletries (particularly for the gentlemen), cosmetics or general good quality items. Please leave a message on the ansaphone if you need us to collect from you.

That’s all for now, I’m going back to the kitchen in case there is more interesting news for me Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua.

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Ollie’s February News

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Thank you to the many supporters who sent gifts and money for the animals over Christmas, too many to mention but you know who you are.   We also met lots of lovely people and their dogs during the Santa Paws appeal at Pets at Home in Colchester.   One such visitor was Winston, a staffie, with a special set of wheels adapted to get him around since losing the use of his back legs.  His owners realised there were many others in the same predicament and started a fundraising group for Winstons’ Wheels.   You can read more about this by visiting the Winston Daisy Mae Wettner Facebook page.

The other morning I was very surprised when Mother went out on a rescue and returned looking as black as Ollie the cat!   Apparently she had to dislodge a tawny owl from a very sooty chimney, after which they both needed a bath.   One of our volunteers was later left red faced after commenting upon the delightful soft tones of the rescued owl.   She was most embarrassed when told the owl was elsewhere and the cooing was a recovering collared dove!

We are now open again so do visit us if you are looking for furry friend to complete your family.   Although you can see some of our animals on the website there may new arrivals and it’s always good to have a chat in person.   You may even be lucky enough to see me, Ollie (the Black) Cat!

Easyfundraising reminder ……

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Don’t forget to sign up for this easy way to raise money for Sesaw – without any extra cost to yourself. And if you’re online shopping at John Lewis and partners this weekend, they have DOUBLED DONATIONS until Sunday 27th January! Remember to shop via #easyfundraising and raise TWICE AS MUCH for Suffolk & Essex Small Animal Welfare – SESAW. Visit  
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Kenny’s January News

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“As we stand on the threshold of a new year, we reflect upon the wonderful support given to SESAW throughout out the year.   We are grateful for the generous donations of food, bedding and other items which go towards caring for the animals, and for the saleable goods which help raise money at our sales.

We are also indebted to the many volunteers who make everything happen, including Mrs. Pat (Herbie) Whalley who has now moved on to help a care homes charity.   Herbie has been involved in many SESAW fundraising events over the last six years and organised the twice yearly Sales held at Long Melford.   The Christmas Fair which raised £3,100 was Herbie’s last event and we wish her similar success at Leornard Cheshire Homes. 

Now I’ve finished the serious bit, how about this for something completely different.  It’s not often an ex SESAW dog hits the headlines but two of our canine friends made the news recently.   Hadleigh’s heroic hound Bowza, a Labrador cross, was featured on BBC Look East and the national press after sharing his body heat with a lady suffering a head injury.  Bowza’s proud owner, Don Cox, said the dog seemed to understand the problem and stayed next to the shivering lady for over an hour until an ambulance arrived. 

My old friend Freddie, a very cute chihuahua cross, became the centre of attention during filming for a Channel 4 TV commercial.   The little chap was chosen to appear in an ad with the equally handsome bigger chap in the photo, to advertise “Solidor” front doors.   Of course Freddie was completely unfazed by the experience because we chihuahuas are often the star attraction.   Apparently he has already be asked for his pawprint and might become more famous than me!

I have no idea what animals may be available for rehoming when you read this so please keep an eye on our website or visit when we reopen on Thursday 17th January.   Don’t forget to wear your wellies if the weather is wet!   My vertically challenged canine friends usually return home with very muddy undercarriages, which is extremely uncomfortable, I can tell you!   Time to muscle into the scrum to find a space in front of the Rayburn for me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua