Kenny’s August News

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"Hi" from Kenny!

“Hi” from Kenny!

There was a flurry of activity at SESAW last month, culminating (big word for a little dog!) in our Fete and Fun Dog Show on 27th July.   As usual all the volunteers worked hard sprucing up the Sanctuary, ready to welcome the visitors.      But however important the event, the animals always come first and Mum didn’t get much sleep for a few weeks.

It started with a poor sick hedgehog that could not be saved due to a horrible case of flystrike.   Next came a family of ducklings, two baby swifts and a tiny blue tit.   My canine pals and I couldn’t believe how much noise the hungry birds made as their bright yellow mouths opened wide.   We just got used to that when three more hedgehogs arrived, having been found in full sun during the day.

On a sadder note, a young deer was found lying in agony on the Wissington road with a broken back and had to be put to sleep.   As the kind Samaritan picked up the tiny, terrified, creature the poor mother was crying for her baby on the other side of the hedge.   If you can help a creature in distress, please stop and do so or at least make a phone call to get help.

I must say a big thank you to the kind lady who left the knitted cat blankets at the gate and to Anthea’s Mum who makes cat and dog bed for us.   We all appreciate the lovely food and treats that you leave in the supermarket collection bins too.   SESAW depends upon your kindness and generosity and you never disappoint.

August may be holiday time but it’s back to work for everyone at SESAW.   Next month I’ll tell you about the Fete, how much was raised and the animals that were homed.   Meanwhile a supporter has just delivered some doggy presents so I’m off see what is there for me, (Kenny the Boss) Chihuahua.