Kenny’s August News

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After another July downpour some of our bedraggled ladies could be heard laughing and chatting as they exercised the rescued dogs in the garden. Bev has been helping at SESAW for three years in between caring for her own horses. She thinks people don’t realise that cleaning kennels is mucky, hard work particularly in the winter, “the TV programmes make it look so glamorous”.

Bev with Hunter

Seven years ago, Debbie chose to work four full days a week leaving a day for volunteering. She says it is rewarding to spend time with the dogs, building their trust through kindness. “Everyone is so friendly and it is wonderful to see the dogs go to new, loving homes.” Enthusiastic helpers, Judy and Ivy agree, they both help with animal care, sorting donated goods and fundraising.

Ivy with Hunter

Despite the tough times, no matter what they’ve been through, our volunteers keep coming for love of the animals. After suffering an arm injury in the Spring, Debby recruited her husband as chauffeur cum dog walker for a few weeks!

Bev with Priya (left) and Debby with Kylo

We are lucky to have equally dedicated volunteers each day but the numbers are dwindling due to various life changes. If you have what it takes to care for the animals, help with general maintenance or assist with fundraising, please contact us and don’t forget to leave your phone number. And despite yet another shower, the tired friends still look happy as they head for home and the resident dogs head for the kitchen, including me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua.

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