Kenny’s August News

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I don’t believe it. Mum just called me “Fatso” as she harnessed me up for a walk! She says we dogs have taken lockdown to the “nth degree”, whatever that means, and just because I’m not meeting my public doesn’t mean I shouldn’t keep trim.

Everyone wants life to go back to normal but humans have proved themselves adept at coping with change. Sharon, a seamstress in “real” life, sews washable, pleated face masks in triple layer dense cotton. Jayne knits “Rainbow of Hope” car hangings and has a new teddy bear line. Mandy sells donated items on Facebook. Jeanette arranged a pop-up stall to sell plants and run her famous Tombola. By the way, Jayne is still taking orders for masks on 07720 079370.

All Rescues are braced for a possible influx as new pet owners return to work and recently acquired animals start suffering with separation anxiety if unused to being left alone. Please get in touch if you are having difficulties with your pets, contact details below but be patient if our response time is slow due to staff shortages.

Unfortunately we cannot accept any fresh stock as our big fundraising events are cancelled until next year. All efforts are concentrated on animal welfare leaving insufficient people to sort, or storage space to hold, goods. As you can see in the photo, I help by checking our stock of masks and rainbows. I don’t know what SESAW would do without me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua!