Kenny’s August News

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There was much reminiscing about England’s football success in 1966 and the heat wave of 1976 last month. Very interesting providing we dogs don’t have to wait on a hot pavement during the conversation. Even my Mexican roots don’t protect my little pads in that weather! Despite the heat, the Melford Street Fair was a good day for all concerned. Let’s hope some volunteers come forward to continue this great annual event.

Mum has been kept busy with the usual young domestic and wild orphans brought in through the summer including a baby seagull. Naturally, as top dog around here, I introduced myself and received a sharp peck through the bars for my trouble. Charming. The cute little duckling was a much better behaved character!

We have been invited to the Beth Chatto Gardens Wildlife Fair, Elmstead Market CO7 7DB. This is a beautiful venue for two days of fun family events on 21st and 22nd August.

Our garden is also lovely thanks to our helpers putting in hours of hard work and I’m off to smell the flowers. Maybe they will name a rose after me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua.