Kenny’s August News

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The summer holidays have arrived!   That’s what I was told when I asked “Where is everybody?”   I really miss our helpers when they go away but there has been plenty of animal company at Sesaw.  Someone said our kitchen looked like a scene from Enid Blyton’s Woodland Tales – but I don’t think she is one of our volunteers.

BadgerThe casualties we’ve seen include pigeons fallen out of nests, orphaned ducklings, lambs rejected by their mothers and an abandoned fawn.  Sadly one of two baby hedgehogs did not survive due to severe flystrike but the other is thriving.  A young badger arrived after it’s sibling was killed by a dog and we believe the parent was shot.   Fortunately he has since been successfully released into a secure sett in another area with a group of similar aged badgers.

Don’t forget our Facebook Photo Competition closes at the end of August so keep your cameras poised for that perfect shot when you are out and about with your pets.  The thirteen winning entries will feature in the 2016 SESAW Calendar, more details next month.

Thank you to everyone who visited our stand at St.Peter’s Church Heritage Day in Sudbury on 6th June and the Fun Dog Show at Melford Court, Long Melford on 21st June.  Barbara was delighted so many people helped to raise £430 at her table sale in Stoke by Nayland on 27th June.

As many of you are probably taking a break this month I’ll tell you about the animals for homing and fundraising events in the next issue.  Right now, I’m going to see if there are anymore new arrivals indoors.  And if someone is sleeping in my bed, there will be another wild animal in the kitchen – me!   Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua!