Kenny’s April News

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Ollie - resident 'Top Cat' at SESAW

Ollie – resident ‘Top Cat’ at SESAW

Greetings from Oliver (Ollie to my intimates), resident ‘Top Cat’ at SESAW.  Poisoned, rescued and nursed back to health by Mother.  Now wary of people, though I might allow a mere human to stroke me if I’m in the mood.

I’m here to spill the beans on that upstart Kenneth, who has blotted his copy book.   The Little Squirt led the canine chorus as Mother was being interviewed by Lesley Dolphin on BBC Suffolk.  Fortunately this did not spoil the Pets Corner broadcast and two rabbits were found a home.  Another time Mr. Smartipants got caught in a cat trap in the garden.  He didn’t make a sound as we all frantically searched for him, just when a bark would have been a good idea.

Whilst on the subject of the lower species, dogs, great news – Angel and Harvey have found a new home.  By the time you read this there will be new dogs waiting.  Visit us to choose your canine pal and make my day, please!   We always have cats waiting for a loving home too.

A big thank you to the Uni Volunteers who helped us during the Annual Spring clean by staining kennels and renewing fencing.  Our next fundraising event is a big table sale on Sunday 12 April at the Old School, Long Melford. 10 to 3pm.

Mother is just about to walk her rounds, as the sun is shining I might accompany her.  Hope you have appreciated Oliver’s observations, but Kenneth’s fans will be please to know he will be back in May.   It’s far too arduous for a cat to do this every month.  Kenny (The Boss), Huh!  He’s a good ambassador, but really!  A dog, the Boss?  Obviously the person who dreamed that one up did not realise the power of felines like me, Ollie (the Black) Cat.