Kenny’s February News

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"Hi" from Kenny!

“Hi” from Kenny!

Brrr!   It was good to get home after a walk with Mandy this morning.   We dogs really appreciate the volunteers looking after us, whatever the weather and we always welcome new faces.   If you would like to help look after me and my friends, (including the cats!) please get in touch.

We are also grateful to another human dynamo, Natalie White, who will brave the cold on her trusty stead, Claude, to ride 25K on 23rd February.   Natalie wants to raise lots of money for SESAW.   Please encourage her by visiting: or pick up a Sponsor form from us.

Over the winter I have put on a little weight which is good for me, the same cannot be said of my new labrador friend, The Honey Monster!    When she arrived just before Christmas, four year old Honey weighed forty six kilos, I’m told that’s over seven stones!   At the time of dictating, she is down to forty one kilos, thanks to a strict diet and gentle exercise in her foster home.   You can follow Honey’s progress and sponsor her slimming programme at:

The Season of Good Will also brought us the obligatory dumped animals.   This time two black and white feline sisters, Marmite and Peanut were thrown out in a suitcase with Marmite’s seven kittens.   Despite being undernourished, four kittens survived and are causing mayhem in their new homes.   I do hope someone will soon give Marmite and Peanut the forever home they deserve.    Even I have to admit they are lovely (for cats!)

Thanks for reading and taking an interest in all the news!

Kenny (The Boss) Chihuahua