Heritage Rescue Hens

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Heritage Rescue Hens are a very different kind of rescue hen, both in looks and because they’re from very small commercial flocks at amazing farms which look after them so well.  They are not ex-battery hens. They are from free range organic farming so have had the healthiest life possible in commercial egg production.

Perhaps uniquely for commercial rescue hens, they are attractive old-fashioned breeds and we deliver them in small batches direct from farm to new owner to minimise rescue stress to them. Our hens have high survival rates and are often steady long term layers at new homes.

If you’re interested in having rescue hens from us, please email us at


Please note we are Not for Profit and try to save as many hens as possible in our spare time, so no staff or fancy technology and we are not always able to reply to emails instantly. Delivery, minimum 3 hens, to the hens’ new home covers many locations within E, mid, S and N Suffolk area and Northernmost Essex. Sometimes (much) further afield depending on hen/home numbers and whether we’re going to the area for any other reason!  Basically ask us!  We are not able to provide a definitive delivery zone map as much depends on where the hens are coming from and accessibility by main roads of where they are going to. Many thanks, HRH.

Bluebells, Marans and Rocks

Please note, these hens are NOT at SESAW