Heritage Rescue Hens

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We support Heritage Rescue Hens, but these Hens are NOT at Sesaw. All enquires to Claire at heritagerescuehens@yahoo.com

Welcome to Heritage Rescue Hens!

Heritage Rescue Hens are probably the finest rescue hens available 🙂 They are not ex-battery hens but come from free range organic farming so have had the healthiest life possible in commercial egg production. Also, uniquely for rescue hens, they are attractive/old-fashioned breeds and we deliver direct from farm to you to minimise rescue stress to them. Therefore our hens have higher survival rates and are often steadier long term layers.  We are Not for Profit and do this in our spare time.

Our hens ideally need to be kept in an enclosed roofed run to stay safe, especially for the first few days while they settle in. If you do not have a roofed enclosure ,we’d like to briefly discuss this with you before we bring the hens out. We deliver the hens direct from farm to your run to minimise rescue stress which may affect laying. We recommend you keep our hens on a diet of layers pellets and wheat grains, organic feed should give best health and productivity.

Please contact Claire with all enquiries – heritagerescuehens@yahoo.com