Heritage Rescue Hens

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We support Heritage Rescue Hens, but these Hens are NOT at Sesaw. All enquires to Claire at heritagerescuehens@yahoo.com

Welcome to Heritage Rescue Hens!

Heritage Rescue Hens are probably the finest rescue hens available 🙂 They are not ex-battery hens but come from free range organic farming so have had the healthiest life possible in commercial egg production. Also, uniquely for rescue hens, they are attractive/old-fashioned breeds and we deliver direct from farm to you to minimise rescue stress to them. Therefore our hens have higher survival rates and are often steadier long term layers.  We are Not for Profit and do this in our spare time.

Our hens ideally need to be kept in an enclosed roofed run to stay safe, especially for the first few days while they settle in. If you do not have a roofed enclosure ,we’d like to briefly discuss this with you before we bring the hens out. We deliver the hens direct from farm to your run to minimise rescue stress which may affect laying. We recommend you keep our hens on a diet of layers pellets and wheat grains, organic feed should give best health and productivity.

Discounts.  Discount £1 per hen where 6 to 12 hens in total  and discount £2 per hen where 13 to 20 hens in total.  Further discounts may be available, eg for higher numbers, community projects etc.

Prices include delivery to most locations in Suffolk, North Essex and sometimes further afield, depending on numbers. There may be a surcharge for bringing out to certain locations and/or very low numbers (ie under 3), only by agreement in advance. We do not make a profit but have to cover costs.

We highly recommend keeping cockerels with hens and are happy to answer any questions or concerns in this regard. Rescue cockerels available from farm flocks include Rhode Rocks, Maran Cuivrees, blues and whites.

If you would like to go ahead with rescuing hens form us, please provide the following:

Basic description of your hen accommodation, i.e.

Approx size of pen (indoor and outdoor) where they are routinely kept, whether or not they are sometimes let out to free range, and where they could be kept at all times if foxes/badgers (or defra restrictions!) are about.       

Any predator/escape proofing measures inc roofing   (we have seen so many hens lost to predation at new homes over the years 🙁   and also, for the first few days or more, they are often determined to get out of a pen to find their established laybox,’nest’, back at the farm. If they can’t escape, this calms once they’ve established new nest with you 🙂

-Numbers and breeds of hens/cockerels you are interested in.

-Telephone number.

Approx location e.g town/village.

-Where you heard about us!

We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience so we can save the maximum number of hens possible, kind regards,

Claire – heritagerescuehens@yahoo.com