Hi there, just wanted to share a few pictures of Harry, the Cavalier King Charles we adopted from you in Aug 2011.

He was a massive 16kg back then, now a healthy happy 13.75kg ish. He is great with our 15-week old baby. He loves his creature comforts, walks and cuddles.

Message from Ali Botcher

30th January, 2016 – Sad Update

Hi there, I wanted to let you know that Harry, our beloved Sesaw rescue dog, was helped to sleep last Wednesday.

His heart couldn’t manage getting blood round his body well enough, and after a month on meds he collapsed and was having seizures. It was the most difficult and agonising decision we had to make, but it was made promptly to ensure Harry was not suffering. He was surrounded by his family, including his 2 legged brother, and went peacefully.

Although the 4 years we had him were amazing and a complete pleasure, it was not long enough. We love him and miss him so much already. Rest in peace Harry. There will only ever be one Harry.

Mr H Botcher    xx

R.I.P Harry