Garfie & Smokey

April 2022

Just thought I’d give you a quick update on our beautiful kitty’s Garfie and Smokey. Well they are so affectionate and very loving. Garfie has such a loud purr and loves to be picked up and cuddled. He’s grown and is now weighing 5.6kg. He loves being groomed. Smokey is weighing 5.8 kg and is very playful. He vocalises when he wants play time and cuddles up with us. Both boys have yellowing on their back teeth which the vet says is hereditary so they also have their teeth cleaned by me regularly. Smokey is more of a fan than Garfie but both boys allow me to do this.

We bought cat harnesses and tried them outside for the first time yesterday. We think they have never been outside. As soon as the door was open Garfie ran into the lounge. Smokey did make it outside for a minute then he bolted back in the house. So we are going to use weekends to try to walk them in the garden. But get them used to being on the lead in the house first. Slow baby steps for these boys. We are so pleased with our boys we love them dearly and think they love us too. Thank you for allowing us to have the pleasure to give these wonderful boys the love, care, security and attention they deserve.
Update a week later ……

…..turns out Garfie is the brave boy and Smokey still very much a kitten. Instead of using harnesses and leads indoors first (we didn’t want them to feel restricted in their safe space) we put Garfie on a collar and lead. He now uses a harness and lead and absolutely loves the outdoors – he now asks to go out! We are building his and our confidence in making sure he returns when called, before letting him go alone. Small steps. Smokey on the other hand is so scared of going out and we don’t believe in stressing him. He has managed to go out once, but something spooked him and he ran indoors (which is a good thing) but was panting. If he chooses to remain an indoor cat that’s fine with us. What ever he chooses as long as he is happy and content.

From Hayley and Dave 😊