Feeling Thankful :)

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Happy memories! As the SESAW Easter Fair was supposed to take place today, here are some reminders from last year’s Egg-Travaganza which raised over £2500.

Everything on the SESAW stalls was donated by kind supporters except the Craft stall. Those goods were handmade by our talented volunteers who are probably knitting and stitching at this very moment, ready for our return. We are unable to accept fundraising items at present but monetary donations may be made online via www.justgiving/sesaw/donate (a new page will be set up soon but the current page can still be used). Please add Gift Aid if appropriate. Cheques made out to SESAW may be sent direct to our Treasurer at Sesaw, or can be deposited in our collection box on the bookcase by the gate at the Sanctuary. You can also pay direct to our Bank: Nat West (Sudbury) Account name: SESAW Account number: 52717321 Sort Code: 60 21 03

There is also a plastic bin at the gate for food donations.

Thank you for your continued support and kind messages to our Volunteers who still look after our animals. We look forward to seeing you all safe and well in the future 🙂

Bric a brac
CDs, DVDs and Puzzles
Pet Stall
Wooden Items
More plants!
And the people came ………………
……. and we fed them!